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Each of us can — and should — reduce political polarization

There are numerous theories as to why our political environment is so polarized and dysfunctional. There are also various and sundry proposals for large-scale structural fixes that might, over time, return a semblance of civility to American political life. Count me in.

Cheers and jeers for Iran U. Md. Jews celebrate Iranians, scorn their leader

Pro-Israel students at the University of Maryland are intent on voicing their concern over the strategic threat posed by Iran to both the Jewish state and the United States. “We wanted to make it clear, however, that our beef is not with the Iranian people, but with Ahmadinejad,” cautioned Avi Mayer, president of PITA, the Pro-Israel Terrapin Alliance.

Toss out the divestment red herrings

On Palestinian Land Day a few weeks ago, George Washington University became the launch site of a “divest from Israel” campaign. Third-year law student Fadi Kiblawi and Arab American News columnist Will Youmans announced plans to ask university administrators to divest from Israeli companies.