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Olmert speaks at JMU

Wherever Yossi Olmert goes, security is tight. “When I went to Atlanta last month, they insisted I travel with 50 policemen and dogs,” he said. “Do I look so bad to you?” he asked at the start of his speech Monday night, hosted by the Caravan for Democracy in Taylor.

The best of what’s around: same old bomb and dance

The hope was that, through the fair practice of democracy, the Palestinian people would finally move toward establishing a peaceful society. Not surprisingly, this did not occur when elections were held in January; a clear majority of voters caste their ballot for Hamas, a U.S. Department of State and Treasury-designated terrorist organization.

The way to clean up the Middle East

The importance of fighting the war on terror was not taken seriously enough this summer when the United States and the rest of the world failed to commit themselves to defending democracy and fighting international terrorism.