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Civilization’s lament

As the Hizbullah-Israel war wound down last week, pundits were quick to label winners and losers. Some said Hizbullah won because it survived, bombed Israel with 4,000 rockets, and earned the applause of the Arab “street.”

Former Israeli general talks to SAFI

Former Israeli Defense Forces General Moshe Ya’alon spoke of the challenges facing Israel’s security in a speech before a packed crowd in the Jack Morton Auditorium on Wednesday. Ya’alon, the former chief of staff of the IDF, was invited to campus by GW’s chapter of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Peace depends on the recognition of Israel

Israel will always strive for peace with all of her neighbors. This has been proven time and again. One need only look at the history of Israel’s diplomatic relations with her neighbors to understand how deeply she yearns for peace.