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A Call For Nuance

I work for an organization often identified as part of the American Jewish mainstream – sometimes dubbed the “Jewish establishment” – whose position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been fiercely attacked, even defamed, and I’m sick of it.

Extending a hand to friends old – and new

These are not easy times for the pro-Israel community.

Time to banish the “A-word”

The annual campus hate fests that attempt to tar Israel with a comparison to the discriminatory policies of the old South African regime have come and gone. On most U.S. campuses, they didn’t cause a ripple.

The problem with going negative

Some are saying that it’s now time for Israel supporters to go on the offensive and accuse Arab countries of apartheid.

Imagining the border: options for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian territorial issue

Middle East negotiators can adjust Israel’s borders to include the large majority of West Bank settlers and still meet Palestinian Authority territorial demands. This proposition may guide leaders and diplomats in the coming months as they seek to advance the peace process.

Classroom battlegrounds: a new war on campus?

Before the school year started I wrote that the expectation was that this would be a good year for Israel on campus. During the summer there were no indications of any problems and, in fact, the fall had little anti-Israel activity and a good deal of positive programming from pro-Israel students.