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This IDF soldier knows that you need to know

From standing ovations to interruptions from silent protesters, Nadav Weinberg has experienced a wide range of reactions to his lectures. Weinberg travels to college campuses, in addition to other destinations, to educate people about the ethical codes of the Israel Defense Force.

How to “name-and-shame” without looking like a jerk

One of the more controversial tactics in a growing effort to counter the delegitimization of Israel is to “name-and-shame” — to go after those who actively delegitimize Israel and seek to delegitimize them. There are even those who argue that our entire strategy should be to relentlessly attack the other side and to cease “defending” Israel.

Palestinian conference is illegitimate and divisive

If Students for Justice in Palestine want to hold an anti-Semitic, terrorist-encouraging conference on main campus, don’t try and sell it to me as something that is going to help the Palestinian people.

Conference a chance to condemn violence

In the wake of the Palestinian Legislative Council elections less than a month ago, in which Hamas won a majority of parliamentary seats, the Palestine Solidarity Movement convenes its annual conference this evening at Georgetown.

Peace depends on the recognition of Israel

Israel will always strive for peace with all of her neighbors. This has been proven time and again. One need only look at the history of Israel’s diplomatic relations with her neighbors to understand how deeply she yearns for peace.

Israel’s identity not confined to conflict

In “Unity Takes Center Stage at Rangila,” Josh Zumbrun characterizes the Georgetown Israel Alliance as a bunch of screaming bigots who offer nothing positive to our community. I found his portrayal of the group not only quite insulting but also completely disconnected from the truth.

Do we really just need to move on?

While the world talks of new opportunities to re-launch peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis following Yasser Arafat’s death, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) sponsored an event on Monday on “bi-nationalism.”