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Extending a hand to friends old – and new

These are not easy times for the pro-Israel community.

Liberals and leftists are not the same

All too often I hear people in the pro-Israel community lump together “liberals” and “leftists,” suggesting that these two distinct worldviews are equally critical of Israel.

The problem with going negative

Some are saying that it’s now time for Israel supporters to go on the offensive and accuse Arab countries of apartheid.

How to “name-and-shame” without looking like a jerk

One of the more controversial tactics in a growing effort to counter the delegitimization of Israel is to “name-and-shame” — to go after those who actively delegitimize Israel and seek to delegitimize them. There are even those who argue that our entire strategy should be to relentlessly attack the other side and to cease “defending” Israel.

The real danger of delegitimizing Israel on campus

There is a serious threat facing Israel’s long-term standing in this country resulting from a prolonged campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state on campus. But it’s probably not what you think.