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Israeli brings aspects of his country to America

Ivan Goncharenko says Americans think two things when they think of Israel: Judaism and conflict. He also says they couldn’t be more wrong.

Engaging with Israel on campus starts with relationships

As the pro-Israel community addresses blockade-running Gaza flotillas, the vast majority of U.S. campuses already are on summer break. Certain campuses have seen anti-Israel protests and resolutions, but most campuses still in session experienced relatively muted events as they turned attention to exams and summer plans.

Response to “where is the proof that Birthright works?”

I would like to respond to the January 19th editorial “Where is the proof that Birthright works”. My name is Josh Fixler; I am 19, and a freshman at the University of Maryland.

Israel worth the trip

“Are you crazy?” That was just one of the many responses I heard from my friends and family when I told them I would be traveling to Israel during winter break. The other question I was asked a number of times was “Are you sure you want to go to Israel?” Yes, I was sure.