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US – Israel academic collaboration increases dramatically

Andrew Hamilton, the president of New York University, recently said it best by speaking truth to malice and defending American academia’s independence.

Do You Choose Peace?

Following a week of disconnect, two hundred GW students chose peace. These students recognized the opportunity to come together and support moving forward under the context of a conversation.

Stepping Up for Syria at George Mason University

On October 2, the Israel Student Association at George Mason University hosted a fundraiser in the North Plaza on the Fairfax campus in support of refugees effected by the conflict in Syria.

This IDF soldier knows that you need to know

From standing ovations to interruptions from silent protesters, Nadav Weinberg has experienced a wide range of reactions to his lectures. Weinberg travels to college campuses, in addition to other destinations, to educate people about the ethical codes of the Israel Defense Force.

Raising voices for Israel

University students traversed the hallways of Capitol Hill yesterday to relay their message to lawmakers: If you care for Israel, show it. Joining forces with other local universities, seven students lobbied Congress on three main issues: continuing foreign aid for the country, combating the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons and raising awareness of the recent unity deal.

Support Israel

This week marks the third-annual Palestinian Solidarity Week at our university. The numerous provocative events that are part of the week do something far different than achieve its stated goals. The solidarity week’s events and the speakers the group brings to the university present distorted facts and extreme biases that ultimately seek to vilify and isolate Israel.

Panel: US campuses far from Near East norms

Campus discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be stuck in the past, according to experts who visited Georgetown this week to transform talk of Middle East issues into a cooperative effort.

Countering “boycott, divestment and sanctions” and promoting peace at George Washington

Recently, the GW Students for Justice in Palestine sponsored an event honoring the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. As it turned out, some of the panelists seemed to be speaking less from pro-Palestinian positions and more from solely anti-Israel ones.

Self-defense class hits home

This past Thursday, I punched myself in the face. This wasn’t anything I had planned or even intended to do. It wasn’t some attempt to make a friend laugh. It was merely a rude reminder of my own lack of coordination during my first Krav Maga self-defense course.

Obama’s treatment of Israel unfair, dangerous

This week, we witnessed President Obama’s shameful treatment of the leader of one of America’s closest allies. This became clear when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hauled before a “seething” Obama and read the Riot Act behind closed doors.