Maryland Jewish Student Union’s IsraelFest  May 2019

IsraelFest is a cultural and social event that allows students to see the Israeli culture and way of life in an open setting. We attract all members of the University of Maryland community through fun and exciting activities such as camel rides, Israeli food including falafel and pita, an Israeli DJ, and several educational components about the most visited sites in Israel. By walking around the Old City or riding a camel in the desert, you can feel the deep connection that Israel has with its history. Therefore, we want to bring a little piece of that connection here to the University of Maryland. We will do this by having engaging activities that each will represent a small piece of Israeli culture. For example, one of the new activities this year will be a Make-Your-Own-Salt-Scrub activity. The entire event will take place from 10am-3pm on the McKeldin Mall and is open to anybody who would like to come.