Israel Branding Campaign at Virginia Tech  April 2019

The kick off for the campaign will be during the international Street fair, which is a school wide and open event, we will have fun activities, live music with a darbuka (middle eastern drum), T-shirts with Israeli quotes to hand out, Israeli candy and chocolate and merchandize with Israel printing on them.

Each club has a tent where they can promote their country.

As this year is the 60th year of this event at VT, the school is planning on having each group parade with their countries flag and colors along the streets of Blacksburg.

We are planning to all wear matching clothes in blue and white and parade with drums and shofars just like in the old city of Jerusalem.

At our tent, we will have a giant spinning wheel on which some of the handouts will be written and any student passing by would be able to win a gift from our table. Aside that we will have a shofar blowing contest and if students can manage to blow a clean note, they will get a prize from our booth. We have had this campaign in the past and it was very successful as some students still wear the “what’s your Israel” Shirts from previous years.

After the event we will continue to invite the new participating students to our Israel week on the last week of school which will include tabling events at the drill field, a Krav Maga session with an licensed instructor from Roanoke, the large IsraFest on May 9th where we will have a live music band, lawn and carnival games, food venders and more and the last event of the year before exams start will be an Israeli themed Shabbat dinner at our Hillel center.