J Street U at American University

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The American University chapter of J Street U is a pro-Israel, pro-peace student organization fighting for a 2-state solution.

J Street U is a student-driven network of activists organizing on campuses across North America for peace, security and social justice in Israel, the future state of Palestine and across the Middle East.

As supporters of Israel, we are firmly committed to protecting the future of the State of Israel as
a Jewish democratic homeland. We believe the fates of a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state are intertwined. The peace and security of both peoples is achievable only through a negotiated, two-state solution.

J Street U is committed to creating an alternate approach to Israel advocacy that embraces open dialogue and constructive activism, and that warrants critical analysis of policies – be they Israeli, Palestinian, American or other.

J Street U presents students with an opportunity to engage voices from both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide on campus. Polarizing voices claiming exclusively “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestinian” positions have come to dominate the discourse on many campuses across North America, obscuring the complexity of the conflict and subsequently alienating significant numbers of students.

J Street U provides guidance, education and resources to students who seek to impart a progressive voice into the debate about Israel. We seek to empower student activists to advocate on campus, in their communities and on Capitol Hill for vigorous and sustained US leadership in facilitating a negotiated, two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For more information about J Street U at American University or to get involved, visit their Facebook page.