New program offerings at the University of Haifa International School

MA in Holocaust Studies

The University of Haifa is opening a multidisciplinary, one-year, International MA program in Holocaust Studies in English, the only graduate program in Holocaust Studies in Israel. The program is dedicated to the creation and nurturing of a new generation of Holocaust researchers.

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MA Program in Art Therapy

Art therapy is a dynamic field in the mental health profession that uses art media, such as paint, chalk, crayons and sculpture as its primary mode of communication. The University of Haifa is opening a one-year, international MA program in art therapy designed to prepare professionals to practice in this new and growing field of therapy. The University of Haifa is the only accredited academic institution in Israel to offer a graduate degree in art therapy.

Graduates of the program will be trained to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, educational institutions, community mental health facilities, prisons, hospices, day-care centers and private practices.

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The Intensive Arabic Language Program

The Intensive Arabic Language Program, offered only during the summer, focuses upon Modern Standard Arabic (the written language) and will be taught at two elementary levels as well as an intermediate level.

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The Ulpan is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in an intensive language acquisition experience that is personally enriching as well as academically demanding. Instruction is offered on all levels from beginning to advanced. The Summer Ulpan is divided into two independent four-week sessions. Students may register for either or both sessions.

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About the University of Haifa

University of Haifa International School

Situated at the top of the Carmel Mountains, amidst the Carmel National Forest, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, University of Haifa provides the perfect setting for your International Study Abroad Experience. The University of Haifa is the largest comprehensive research university in northern Israel. It is a microcosm of Israeli society dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility.

An exciting and inspiring cultural mosaic, the university has a diverse student population made up of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bedouins, a combination of new immigrants with native Israelis, a blend of the secular and the religious. Over 18,000 students study at the University of Haifa and we encourage you to be one of them.

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