The best of what’s around: same old bomb and dance Palestinian declaration of war on America justifies supporting Israel

This is a republication of an original article written by Craig Finkelstein in the Breeze on Monday, November 13, 2006.

The hope was that, through the fair practice of democracy, the Palestinian people would finally move toward establishing a peaceful society. Not surprisingly, this did not occur when elections were held in January; a clear majority of voters caste their ballot for Hamas, a U.S. Department of State and Treasury-designated terrorist organization.

Up until the election, it was safe to make the claim that the majority of the Palestinian people did not support terrorism, and that the practice of terrorism came at the support of a minority few. Obviously given that the majority of voters chose Hamas, which ran on a platform of destroying Israel, the will of the people has now officially been revealed.

Just this week, in a statement issued to the Associated Press, Hamas advocated attacking America: “America is offering political, financial and logistic cover for the Zionist occupation crimes, and it is responsible for the Beit Hanoun massacre. Therefore, the people and the nation all over the globe are required to teach the American enemy tough lessons.”

The incident at Beit Hanoun refers to the accidental killing of 18 civilians by Israeli Defense Forces in response to credible intelligence that terrorist rocket fire would be coming from that location. Rocket fire from the Palestinian territories continues to rain down on Israel on a daily basis, aimed at schools, homes and other civilian places that lack any military presence. Palestinian terrorists purposely hides and fires their weapons from within civilian populations, hospitals, homes, fields and marketplaces

While the accidental killing of civilians is horrible and in no way should be condoned, there is, however, a clear distinction between collateral damage from counter-terrorism initiatives and purposely launching Kassam rockets into civilian populations or blowing yourself up on a crowded bus.

Israel is America’s greatest ally and remains the only true democracy within the Middle East. Israel’s fight against Islamic terrorism is the same as America’s fight. Now that the majority governing party of the Palestinian people has called for attacking America, there should be no reason why our government should in any way have a pro-Palestinian stance nor support the Palestinians.

Not to mention the fact that Palestinian terrorists continue to kidnap American journalists attempting to report on their so-called plight. But if the United States is going to be truly fighting a global war on terrorism, then it must actively engage in the defense of Israel against the terrorist enemy that now openly threatens America. With this new threat, we now face the possibility that Americans will become more susceptible to the atrocious acts of Palestinian terrorism.

The United States managed to cut off all forms of assistance to the Hamas-led government, although humanitarian aid has resumed in an effort to alleviate the impoverished citizens of the Gaza strip and the West Bank. However, this form of aid is being issued through the Palestinian Authority, which has a very distinct history of corruption by which humanitarian aid from all over the world has been redirected to fund terrorism activities in massive amounts.

It comes as a peculiar irony that despite claiming to be so impoverished and in need of humanitarian aid, the Palestinians are never short of rockets or bombs to continue attacking Israel with; somehow they find the money to arm their extremists, but not feed their children.

The role of the United States in the Arab-Israeli conflict is a complex situation when it comes to balancing the efforts of the War on Terror and how much patience can be given to promoting the idea of peace. The situation itself, however, does not prove to be such a logical predicament and can be best summarized in a quote by former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir: “[The Israelis] can only have peace with the Palestinians when they love their children more than they hate Israel.”

About the Author

Craig Finkelstein is a staff writer for the Breeze and a senior international affairs major.