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  • A Call For Nuance

    I work for an organization often identified as part of the American Jewish mainstream – sometimes dubbed the “Jewish establishment” – whose position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been fiercely attacked, even defamed, and I’m sick of it.

  • On Countering Anti-Semitism, Fight Or Join Critics? Yes.

    The lead up to the Women’s March held last Saturday exposed yet another rift in the American Jewish body politic.

  • Jewish Leadership in an Age of Polarization

    We live in a very polarized political moment. And the Jewish community, subject to the same centrifugal forces as the rest of society, is also increasingly divided.

  • Confront Ongoing Anti-Semitism

    While Georgetown’s mission and administration have historically fought to create an inclusive environment for its Jewish students, the campus has long been — and still is — an unfortunate microcosm of existing anti-Semitism beyond the gates.

  • GMU SAIA Shuts Down Discussions on Israel

    Any form of meaningful discussion would give the state of Israel legitimacy, a status they were unwilling to grant.

  • Each of us can — and should — reduce political polarization

    There are numerous theories as to why our political environment is so polarized and dysfunctional. There are also various and sundry proposals for large-scale structural fixes that might, over time, return a semblance of civility to American political life. Count me in.

  • VIEWPOINT: Subtle Anti-Semitism

    Last October, a swastika was scratched into the wall of a Georgetown University Medical Center bathroom. Laudably, administrators and others quickly condemned this blatant expression of bigotry. However, a less explicit form of anti-Semitism has established a toehold on our campus.

  • Intersectionality excludes and includes. Jews must learn the difference.

    Last year, I wrote an opinion piece for JTA about a term and a trend few Jews over the age of 30 had ever heard of: intersectionality. The op-ed generated a firestorm.

  • The Israeli Medical Foundation saves children’s lives, they saved my baby cousin

    Yael Shamouilian asks us to look at Israel’s message of “human kindness”.

  • US – Israel academic collaboration increases dramatically

    Andrew Hamilton, the president of New York University, recently said it best by speaking truth to malice and defending American academia’s independence.

  • Do You Choose Peace?

    Following a week of disconnect, two hundred GW students chose peace. These students recognized the opportunity to come together and support moving forward under the context of a conversation.

  • Respect the otherness of the other

    Recently, I traveled to Israel with a group of 40 student activists ranging in political affiliation, background knowledge, color, gender, and creed. Along the way we spoke to journalists, professors, past IDF officers, and Israeli citizens, hearing each of their perspectives on the state of their homeland, the state of the Middle East, and their outlook on the future.

  • A call for conversation

    Annually, JSU hosts Israel Fest. This year’s event was disrupted by a protest orchestrating a “die in.” I am now taking this opportunity to voice to my perspective on what happened.

  • Misinformation harms progress of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) was featured on the Humans of Virginia Tech Facebook page. The main theme of the tabling demonstration covered in the post was to blame Israel for all Palestinian hardship without any room for competing dialogue. This post became a battleground for toxicity and name-calling and ultimately left no room for any type of discussion.

  • A GIA Response to Former UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk

    On December 2, a handful of Georgetown students in Copley Formal Lounge were treated to an evening of half-truths and inflammatory rhetoric by Richard Falk.


Masa’s Israel Program Finder

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If you're interested in study abroad or other opportunities in Israel, be sure to check out the new MASA Program Finder. MASA creates innovative long-term Israel programs to get more students to choose Israel as their study abroad option.


ICCGW Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with college & graduate school students and campus professionals to bring together the vast array of community resources to strengthen pro-Israel activism on campus, advance the education of Jewish and non-Jewish students about Israel, help develop a cadre of effective student leaders on campus, serve as a resource for student leaders on Israel related issues, and help students create a positive pro-Israel agenda.